Injini: Game Suite

App Reviewed: Injini: Game Suite

Developer: NCSoft/Injini

Number of Apps: 9 apps with multiple levels

Cost: $49.99

Kindie Ready Grade: 4 ½ weeboots (out of 5)

Apps Best Practices Grade: 4 ½ tablets (out of 5)

Kindie Skills:

  • Concept development
  • Number development
  • Writing
  • Social & emotional development
  • Fun

Apps Best Practices:

  • App pacing is steady and consistent
  • Voices are clear and easy to understand
  • Backgrounds are simple and not over-simulating

Kindie Skills Comments:

The best app that we’ve seen for preschoolers’ to-date. The apps gradually build up in difficulty which challenges the child as opposed to strictly repeating a specific action and it helps appeal to their sense of accomplishment. The visual elements appropriately appeal to the age group with items such as cows, balloons and frogs. And it’s fun! The farm activity is a child favourite!

Apps Best Practices Comments:

The timing and pacing of the app is age appropriate. The child does not feel rushed when interacting with the app.  The voice-overs are consistent, easy to understand and read at an age appropriate pace. The backgrounds are not over stimulating and are simple for preschoolers.

Things We Would Like To See Improved:

  • Remove the unhappy face in the pattern app and make it a similar to a bell like the other apps. The unhappy face is negative, particularly around preschoolers self-esteem.
  • Provide an option for an educator to pause on screen and talk about the visual, ie look you traced a tree; what else do you see?
  • For the Find It app, if the child hasn’t engaged in the app, turn off the sound. The girl voice becomes too noisy for the child. In addition, create a boy on the Find it app.