Frequently Asked Questions

At weeboot we receive lots of questions around our program. Below you will find our most frequently asked questions.

[accordion_toggle title="Q. What are the benefits of using tablets in the daycare/preschool setting?"]A. By using tablets in the daycare/preschool setting, you are providing your students with a different way to learn kindergarten readiness skills. In addition, this year the National Association for the Education of Young Childrent (NAEYC) came out with a proposal endorsing technology in early childhood settings to enhance learning, development, interactions, communication and collaboration. (Read More…) Tablet technology is not a replacement for the basic tenets of early childhood education but integrated correctly enhances the learning experience.
[accordion_toggle title="Q. How are the sessions structured?"]A. A typical session runs between 30 – 45 minutes depending on the ages and skills of the children within your childcare setting. Typically, a session will run for 30 minutes in total which enables up to 8 students to interact on the iPad. No more than 4 students use an individual iPad at one time. weeboot can also develop a customized program that works for your childcare setting needs.
[accordion_toggle title="Q. What are weeboot’s theme-based sessions about?"]A. We know that children during their key development years love to learn. At weeboot, our program sessions are based on a specific theme while integrating kindergarten readiness goals. For example, if your preschool/daycare is working on winter concepts, we will ensure the session aligns with the winter concept. This is done through interactive apps.
[accordion_toggle title="Q. How much does it cost?"]A.
Each session is $50 which includes…
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  • Program educator, who engages and monitors the iPad usage
  • 4 ipads (each iPad is wiped down for sanitation purposes)
  • Age appropriate apps

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  • weeboot also offers discounts for multiple sessions

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  • 5 sessions plus 1 FREE session – $250 ($42 per session)
  • 10 sessions plus 3 FREE sessions – $500 ($38 per session)

The sessions do not have to run concurrently, ie all at once. Although we do recommend that if you sign up for 5 or 10 sessions that each month a minimum of 2 sessions occur per month. This helps to reinforce learning on the iPad.
[accordion_toggle title="Kids have lots of germs. Are the iPads cleaned? "]A.  Yes, after every session the iPads are wiped down.
[accordion_toggle title="Have your educators been criminally checked? "]A.  Yes, all of our educators cleared a criminal background check.
[accordion_toggle title="Do the children really learn on the iPad?"]A.  Absolutely! They learn skills such as matching, puzzle solving, colour and number recognition to name a few. Keep in mind, that’s not just about the technology. It’s also about listening, sitting at a table and following directions, all of which are valuable kindergarten readiness skills.